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At MiniPigs4Sale, we have kept our prices reasonable and offer financing through PayPal.  While you will be able to find a pig cheaper in price, I urge you to consider the health and quality of the animal.  There are so called breeders who sell baby pigs as micro, mini, teacup, pocket, pixie pigs but they are really selling farm pigs.  Farm pigs are raised for meat and can grow as large as 1,000 lbs.  Make sure your breeder is experienced with miniature pigs and has a selective breeding program and health program in place.  It can be tempting to save a few dollars and purchase a cheap pig, but in the long run it's better to get the piglet you want and avoid a regrettable situation.

At MiniPigs4Sale, we have been breeding and raising micro mini and tuxedo teacup pigs for eleven years and are registered with the USDA.  Each piglet has a total price that includes; airfare, kennel, taxes, vaccinations, de-worming, micro chip, health certificate and one-year health guarantee.  There are no hidden fees!  You can decide if you want your piglet neutered or spayed prior to shipping.  If you do, the surgeries are $185 and $275 respectively.

All of the baby micro mini pigs that we offer have started potty training and are in-home 
socialized before shipping. Weekly progress reports, photos and videos are sent to the new owners. We harness train our piglets prior to shipping.  Each piglet has individual human contact each day; playing with people and other pets, cuddling, earning treats.  Our piglets are not fearful, but trusting and assured.

At MiniPigs4Sale.com, we strive to make your pet pig ownership experience worry free. We hope you will take a moment to view our piglets.

Micro Mini Piglets mature at approximately 25-40 pounds and 12-14" tall, hoof to shoulder. Miniature Pigs are Perfect House Pets;  very social, easily trained and have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child. 


First, do your research. Then if you are satisfied that a micro mini pig is the pet for you, check out our available piglets. Piglets are priced at $875 up, depending on size, sex and color.  Shipping within the United States is included in prices.  Veterinary services are included in the price of a piglet, with the exception of neutering. If you want your male piglet neutered, we can have it done prior to shipping for an additional fee of $185. Optional spaying of females is $275. If you find "the one", make the $200 non-refundable deposit, which is subtracted from the total cost of the piglet. This will reserve your piglet until it is ready to be shipped to you or you pick it up in person.  The remaining balance is due 7 days on or before the shipping date. Piglets ship at 6 weeks of age.

Shipping is available throughout the United States to the major airport of your choice. Shipping includes the following:
   1. The airline ticket for your baby piglet's flight 
   2. Taxes
   3. Crate that meets airline standards (great for potty training after they arrive)        
   4. Water bottle & food dish
   5. Rubber foam pad, absorbent towel & bedding to make your piglet's trip clean and comfortable
   6. 60 mile round trip to deliver piglet to airport
   7. Ground transportation to and from airliners in heated or cooled vans
   8. Airway bill number and specific information for tracking your piglet's flight progress and for pick up at your airport.
   9. Phone call, text or email when your piglet is checked in for flight

Included with the cost of the piglet are:
  1.Veterinary services for USDA health certificate, vaccinations, deworming, identifying 
micro chip, any extra laboratory tests and/or entry permit required by your state
   2. Training includes litter box training and in-home socialization.
   3. Weekly updates on your piglet's progress with photos and videos
   4. Support to you as you begin your new adventure
   5. One-year health guarantee that your piglet is free of hereditary conditions or diseases.

Neutering is optional and available for $185. I recommend having your male piglet neutered before he is 4 months old.  Optional spaying of female piglets is $275. You can also decide not have a piglet fixed or have your veterinarian take care of it after you have your piglet.

Baby micro mini piglets may be picked up in person or you may have your piglet shipped to the major airport of your choice in the U.S., as long as it services Delta Airlines.

Piglets are shipped at approximately 7-8 weeks of age.
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7 Things Your New Pet Pig Will Need         

The KEY to understanding your new piglet is the Micro Mini Piglet Care Guide. It's available FREE. Download it and use it to have a well mannered pet pig.  It's full of insights from over 12 years experience training and working with mini pigs. You will find answers to most of your questions and important information you need to know to properly feed, care for, and most of all, enjoy your piglet. Click on the Piglet on below to download.

You will need to provide a couple of bowls for your piglet. One for food and one for fresh water. Bowls that are heavy will be less messy and those that will help to slow down their eating are beneficial.  The obstacles in the bowl forces the piglet to eat slower.  There are bowls that can be mounted to the crate so that the bowl can not be turned over.

Mini Pig Food is especially formulated for micro mini, teacup and other miniature pig breeds. It comes in pellet form and should contain at least 12% protein. As a pet pig owner, it is essential to feed your pig the proper food or the pig can become extremely obese and have a lot of health issues as they age.
While the piglet is very small, I use a regular size cat litter box. As your piglet ages, he or she may need a larger box, such as a sweater storage box. You also have the option of training your piglet to "go potty" outside and eliminate the need for a litter box after they are 5 or 6 months old.  Plastic boxes that can be used as litter boxes can be found in the household department at Walmart or Target.  I highly recommend pine pellet litter, but if you use cat litter be sure to use the non-clumping kind.  Baby piglets have a tendency to taste everything and the clumps can cause digestive problems.

Pigs can be trained to use a litter
box, pee pads, or a pet door.
Pigs love a Bed and Blankets! They will snuggle under the covers and even the very young know exactly what a pet bed is for.   So, be sure to give your pig a comfortable place to sleep.  If you have a new piglet still adjusting to home, try heating up a blanket or towel for your pig. Mini pigs love heat, and the warm blanket might help her settle down and feel more comfortable in her new space. Of course, always feel the blanket first to make sure it’s not too hot for your mini pig, but otherwise you can leave it in her room or wrap her in it if she’ll allow you to cuddle with her. If you’re struggling to bond with your mini pig, the warm blanket might help her feel safe and more trusting, important elements for building a strong bond with your pig. Check out our Welcome Home Piggie Starter Kit which includes a personalized plush blanket, water bottle that can be hung on kennel or pack n play, harness and leash, Youth Mini Pig food and slow go food/water bowl.
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baby pig in a pig bed
Order Your "Welcome Home Piggie" Starter Kit

Kit Includes plush blue or pink 30" x 40" blanket personalized with your piglet's name, 3 lbs. of Mazuri Brand Youth Mini Pig Food in pellet form, a 16 oz. water bottle to hang on kennel, slow feed bowl, x-small harness and leash. All for $89.99.

Shop for everything a pet pig will need and gift items especially for our pig parents too!  So, what do you need for your new pet pig?
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I prefer a pack n play pen for my piglets when they are very young, but a crate makes a great home for your piglet also. I prefer the large or extra large dog crates. They can be shrunk with a panel that is included with the crate when the piglet is small, and then you can expand once piggy starts to grow. Place the litter box in one end of the crate or pen and the bedding in the other. Piglets keep their bedding clean and will use the litter box. 

It gives your pig a safe space that is his or hers
It gives you a prime location for timeouts
It's needed for proper potty training
It's where piggy can stay when you are out so they don't get into trouble

number 1
crate to keep pig in
pack 'n play playpen to keep baby pig in
number 2
blue slow feed bowl  for pig
double feeding bowl
metal feeding bowl that attaches to crate of pig
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mini pig youth food
mini PIG adult FOOD
pig litter pan
pine pellet litter for pig's litter box
pine pellet litter for pig's litter box
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We know how intelligent pigs are. but did you know that Clever Pig™ has begun making "Snout Work Play Enrichment Quilts" and "Snuffle Mats" just for miniature pet pigs.  These are much more than toys since they offer many textures, sounds and hiding placing for concealing treats or food pellets.  What's the most favorite thing pigs love to do?  Why, eat of course! What better way to keep them entertained and occupied that with an Activity Quilt or Mat that they can explore and be rewarded with food.   
If you would like more information or want to order a Snout Work Pay Enrichment Quilt or Snuffle Mat for your pig, click here
anuffle mat
Clever Pig™ Snout Work/Play Enrichment Quilt
Clever Pig™ Snuffle Mat
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mini pig care guide
black pig playing with snout work play enrichment quilt
Our Next Litter Of Micro Mini Piglets is coming September 30, 2018

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All of our piglets are litter trained and in-home socialized.
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Please note that we do not recommend spaying female piglets until they are 4 months old. We do offer neutering for our male piglets which, when requested, can be done prior to shipping. The optional neutering fee is $185 and is in addition to the price of the piglet.
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