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Fig  a small black teacup  pig with ball
Fig with his dog friends
Fig with his dog friends
Charlotte the mini pig with her dog friend
mini pig Charlotte in bathtub
Charlotte, a female mini pig and dog sleeping
Charlotte the mini pig in bed sleeping
Charlotte is doing great! Very smart, tons of personality and very spoiled. She definitely rules the house and seems to think taking a nap is impossible unless someone is holding her and likes it even better when you rock her like a baby. Our vet says she's perfect. We love her so much!! 

Sharleen G.
Mabel, the female white mini pig in yard
Mabel, the mini pig laying in bed
She is doing wonderful. We changed her name to Mabel. She is such a spoiled thing. And has a huge personality. So sassy and funny! She weighs about 25lb now and sleeps in the bed with us. She also has her own room with a baby gate. As well as a doggy door to come in and out of the yard. Love her so much. She is such a sweet baby:) 

Sara R.
Perry is doing great! He is about 25 pounds and lots of fun! He loves to chase and play with our St. Bernard its super cute. The video I attached was taken when he first came home. We just love him!!

Robyn K.
Snickers going home with his new parent
Peanut, small black teacup pig
Snickers the male striped mini pig with his new owner
Peanut, small black teacup pig
I just wanted to update you with fig's adventure at our home. He is absolutely amazing and such a mush he loves to cuddle and he's adapted to our family very well especially my six-year-old grandson the two of them a best buddy's. Did not take long for Fig to warm up to everybody he is just absolutely adorable I have attached a video of him as Alfredo has been working hard training him which really doesn't take much he so smart I'm talking about Fig That is. I am still trying to train Alfredo lol. Just wanted to thank you again for our amazing little man.
                                                                Barbara C.
                                                                New York
 He is doing beyond great. He's really loving it here. And loves to follow me. And sleep with me.
                                            Kailynn M.
Hi here is Patches with his new family 
Thank you!!!

                                Kathe V.H.
He is so adorable! Such a sweet little boy - I love him!
                                            Erlyse P.
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He's very social, friendly climbs in our laps let's us pick him up , loves the dogs , the dogs just need a little time to not be jumpy 
Loves to roam free, loves to be brushed and is great with IQ balls
We love him
Thank you! 
Kelly S.
New Hampshire
Tucker, a small male black and white mini piglet with his new parent
Tucker with his new friends.
Tucker in his bed along with his new  dad
Harley, a female black and white spotted mini piglet
She is doing fantastic, funny little girl running the house! Thank you again for our amazing little piglet. You just can't believe how happy we are with her. I have a friend that wants one of your piglets too. I will give them your website to check it out.  Thanks again!

Ruby P.
On 2018-01-19 Jamie S. wrote:
Good Morning! This is the new mother to Charlie. I just wanted to let you know Charlie has adjusted very well and was happy and social from the minute he stepped out of his crate. I have enjoyed him so much and he definitely gets plenty of attention and love. Thank you so much!
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