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The KEY to understanding your new piglet is the Micro Mini Piglet Care Guide. It's available FREE. Download it and use it to have a well mannered pet pig.  It's full of insights from over 12 years experience training and working with mini pigs. You will find answers to most of your questions and important information you need to know to properly feed, care for, and most of all, enjoy your piglet. Click on the Piglet on below to download.

You will need to provide a couple of bowls for your piglet. One for food and one for fresh water. Bowls that are heavy will be less messy and those that will help to slow down their eating are beneficial.  The obstacles in the bowl forces the piglet to eat slower.  There are bowls that can be mounted to the crate so that the bowl can not be turned over.

Mini Pig Food is especially formulated for micro mini, teacup and other miniature pig breeds. It comes in pellet form and should contain at least 12% protein. As a pet pig owner, it is essential to feed your pig the proper food or the pig can become extremely obese and have a lot of health issues as they age.
While the piglet is very small, I use a regular size cat litter box. As your piglet ages, he or she may need a larger box, such as a sweater storage box. You also have the option of training your piglet to "go potty" outside and eliminate the need for a litter box after they are 5 or 6 months old.  Plastic boxes that can be used as litter boxes can be found in the household department at Walmart or Target.  I highly recommend pine pellet litter, but if you use cat litter be sure to use the non-clumping kind.  Baby piglets have a tendency to taste everything and the clumps can cause digestive problems.

Pigs can be trained to use a litter
box, pee pads, or a pet door.
Pigs love a Bed and Blankets! They will snuggle under the covers and even the very young know exactly what a pet bed is for.   So, be sure to give your pig a comfortable place to sleep.  If you have a new piglet still adjusting to home, try heating up a blanket or towel for your pig. Mini pigs love heat, and the warm blanket might help her settle down and feel more comfortable in her new space. Of course, always feel the blanket first to make sure it’s not too hot for your mini pig, but otherwise you can leave it in her room or wrap her in it if she’ll allow you to cuddle with her. If you’re struggling to bond with your mini pig, the warm blanket might help her feel safe and more trusting, important elements for building a strong bond with your pig. Check out our Welcome Home Piggie Starter Kit which includes a personalized plush blanket, water bottle that can be hung on kennel or pack n play, harness and leash, Youth Mini Pig food and slow go food/water bowl.
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baby pig in a pig bed
Order Your "Welcome Home Piggie" Starter Kit

Kit Includes plush blue or pink 30" x 40" blanket personalized with your piglet's name, 3 lbs. of Mazuri Brand Youth Mini Pig Food in pellet form, a 16 oz. water bottle to hang on kennel, slow feed bowl the color of your choice, x-small harness and leash. also color of your choice. All for $89.99.

Shop for everything a pet pig will need and gift items especially for our pig parents too!  So, what do you need for your new pet pig?
Welcome Home Piggie Kit Blanket Color:
Harness Color:
Name of Piglet
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At MiniPigs4Sale, we prefer a pack n play pen for our piglets when they are very young, but a crate makes a great home for your piglet also if it is a large or extra large dog crate. They can be shrunk with a panel that is included with the crate when the piglet is small, and then you can expand once piggy starts to grow. Place the litter box in one end of the crate or pen and the bedding in the other. Piglets naturally keep their bedding clean and will use the litter box. 

This set up is perfect since it provides:
Your pig a safe space that is his or hers
It is a prime location for timeouts
It's needed for proper potty training
It's where piggy can stay when you are out so they don't get into trouble

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crate to keep pig in
pack 'n play playpen to keep baby pig in
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blue slow feed bowl  for pig
double feeding bowl
metal feeding bowl that attaches to crate of pig
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mini pig youth food
mini PIG adult FOOD
pig litter pan
pine pellet litter for pig's litter box
pine pellet litter for pig's litter box
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We know how intelligent pigs are. but did you know that Clever Pig™ has begun making "Snout Work Play Enrichment Quilts" and "Snuffle Mats" just for miniature pet pigs.  These are much more than toys since they offer many textures, sounds and hiding placing for concealing treats or food pellets.  What's the most favorite thing pigs love to do?  Why, eat of course! What better way to keep them entertained and occupied that with an Activity Quilt or Mat that they can explore and be rewarded with food.   
If you would like more information or want to order a Snout Work Pay Enrichment Quilt or Snuffle Mat for your pig, click here
anuffle mat
Clever Pig™ Snout Work/Play Enrichment Quilt
Clever Pig™ Snuffle Mat
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mini pig care guide
black pig playing with snout work play enrichment quilt
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At MiniPigs4Sale, we are staunch believers in early socialization of piglets which results in bright, intelligent piglets that are not fearful.
We take the extra time to potty train our piglets to use a litter pan
We offer the best value: reasonable pricing for beautiful, healthy pet micro mini piglets
We meet all requirements of the airlines and of each state, coast to coast.
All of the baby micro mini pigs that we offer have started potty training, harness training and are in-home socialized before shipping. Each piglet comes with a one-year Health Guarantee!

FREE Piglet Care Guide Download 

MiniPigs4Sale is a Trusted USDA Registered Breeder of Micro Mini Piglets

MiniPigs4Sale is one of the very few micro mini breeders that offer a one year health guarantee

We strive to make your pet pig ownership experience worry free. We hope you will take a moment to view our piglets.
​Micro Mini Piglets mature at 25-40 pounds and 12-14" tall, hoof to shoulder. Tiny Miniature Pigs are Perfect House Pets; very social, easily trained and have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child. 
We are always concerned about our tiny piglets' comfort and safety when traveling. One of the benefits of socializing piglets is that the journey to their new home is much less stressful for them. Since they are familiar with people already, they are more relaxed and people and the noises that they experience at airports do not make them especially nervous.
​MiniPigs4Sale is located in the panhandle area near Panama City, Florida.

More Reasons to Buy from MiniPigs4Sale

We make it possible to own a tiny micro mini piglet without breaking the bank - Best prices available in the U.S.
​We are here for our piglets and their new parents from the first contact throughout the piglets' lives for whatever is needed. So please look around our site and view our pictures and information about our micro mini pigs. We want everyone to experience the love and companionship that a mini pig can provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us any time by phone or email found on our contact page.
We provide the following when shipping your piglet:

. a crate that meets airline standards (great for potty training after they arrive)

 . rubber foam pad, absorbent towel & bedding to make their trip clean and comfortable

 a 60-mile round trip for us to deliver your pig to the airport

 . a USDA Health Certificate with shot record for airline travel

 transportation in heated or A/C vans to and from the planes

 . the airline ticket for your baby piglet's flight

  a confirmation number and specific information for tracking your piglets flight progress & for pick- up at your airport

  a phone call, text or e-mail when we drop off your new baby piglet

  support for you and your family as you begin your new adventure

 . a one-year health guarantee stating that your piglet is free of hereditary conditions/diseases
*Temperature and weather can cause re-scheduling of flights
Rest assured that when you reserve your piglet from us, we keep your baby clean, washing bedding weekly, bathing piglet weekly, changing litter every other day and just as important, we interact with each piglet several times a day. Areas are disinfected after every birth and periodically during the time prior to pick up or shipping. 
Your piglet's health is foremost to us - we will not sell a sick pig! Breeding pigs and baby pigs are fed a diet specially formulated with their health in mind.
Our pigs are NEVER fed garbage or starved. They do receive vaccinations and vet care to promote health and prevent diseases, are de-wormed for parasites (both inside and out) every 3 months and considered to be our PETS.
Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, well adjusted micro mini piglet that has been potty trained to use a litter box, is comfortable around people and other pets and is an excellent indoor pet.
We hope you will consider reserving one of our beautiful piglets and please take advantage of my FREE Piglet Care Guide.

Thank you,​
Barbara Dunham, Breeder & Trainer​

Purchasing a Micro Mini Pig Has Never Been Easier!

​We are USDA registered breeders of micro mini pigs. The piglets that we offer are raised by us and not brokered from others. We do our own training, feeding and maintain a healthy herd of breeding pigs. We do not have piglets available in the summer months due to the shipping constraints in regard to temperatures above 80 degrees.

While prices of micro mini pigs vary drastically in the marketplace, MiniPigs4Sale has kept our prices reasonable. Maybe we do not sell our piglets as cheaply as some people do, but we charge a fair price for the quality of piglets which we offer. You will probably, without a doubt. find cheaper prices for a small pig, but will that piglet be backed up by years of selective breeding, proper nutrition, veterinary care, in home socialization, litter training and harness training? More than likely you will be purchasing a pig that has spent his life without much human contact with "iffy" bloodlines.  We have been breeding and raising micro mini piglets over 12 years, see our code of ethics.

Our piglets are raised to be well mannered house pets; a pet micro mini or teacup piglet that you can walk with and is not afraid of people and other pets. While you compare prices, please remember that we include airfare, taxes, vaccinations (Clostridium perfringens type C & D, Tetanus and Erysipelas), micro-chipping, USDA health certificates, airline approved kennel, de-worming, needle teeth clipped, a one-year health guarantee all included in the price of the piglet. We also meet each state's entry requirements. We spend a great deal of time with our piglets, socializing and training them; handling and cuddling each piglet every day. We even offer our Mini Pig Care Guide FREE to everyone! We send photos and videos of each piglet to their new parent each week until the piglet is shipped or picked up.

 How To Purchase a Piglet from MiniPigs4Sale:
A NON-REFUNDABLE $200 deposit is required to reserve a micro mini piglet. This deposit is subtracted from the total price. We accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, and American Express) through PayPal or call 850.348.9928 to pay over the phone.. The prices for pigs start at $795. Piglets are priced depending on age, size, gender and color. Neutering of male piglets ($195) is optional & not included with the price of the piglet. We no longer offer spaying services. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN FEES! 

You may also pick up your piglet in person. Your piglet will be ready to ship or pick up after your payment has cleared and he/she is ready for their new home. Micro Mini Piglets are shipped when they are between 6 - 8 weeks of age. The remaining balance may be paid at any time up until 7 days before shipping. 

We can ship just about anywhere in the US. We will confer with you on the flight schedule and notify you well in advance of the day and time of the arrival of your new piglet. All baby micro mini or teacup pigs will be shipped after being vet checked and each will come with a health certificate, have their first two de-wormings & vaccinations, micro chipped, needle teeth clipped, new airline approved kennel, piglet care guide, and requirements (permit/additional testing) of all states will be met. Shipping is via airline within the U.S.

​We have produced a variety colors of piglets during the 12 years that we have been breeding. Here are the most prevalent colors.

Pinkies (pink skin and white bristles)
Blue Butts
Tri-Colored (apricot, white, black)
Tuxedo (black with white markings similar to a tuxedo)
Breeding and raising our piglets has added enough love, affection, entertainment, and joy in our lives to make it all worth it.
How To Buy A Micro Mini Piglet
The Absolutely Best Things About Mini Pigs!

The best part about owning Alice is one that I never expected: the mini pig cuddles. She loves to cuddle with her people, an she is the best cuddler I know. Any chance she gets, she snuggles in with one of us and stays until we have to get up and move her. Her cuddles are what allowed us to bond with her from the beginning. Even when we couldn’t pick Alice up without her squealing or even pet her without her jumping or running off, she was willing and eager to cuddle with us. I had no idea how loving and warm pigs can be, and that is my favorite thing about Alice.

Another great part about mini pigs is their snout. There’s something about that cool, clammy snout that melts my heart. Alice is so expressive with her snout: she explores with it, smells with it, roots with it. She even knows how to give kisses! If we get near her and ask for a kiss, she will give us one with her snout. She also uses her snout to explore our toes, and it’s the funniest feeling! I can’t resist her snout because it’s part of what makes her so unique and special.

The bond you can have with a mini pig is so much deeper than I ever expected. They are such loving and affectionate animals. They don’t bond immediately with their owners; it takes time and patience. However, when that bond is created, it can be overwhelming and so amazing. As with raising any young animal, there have been frustrations along the way, but Alice has added joy to our lives.
mini pig in hat
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At MiniPigs4Sale, we have kept our prices reasonable and offer financing through PayPal.Credit.  While you will be able to find a pig cheaper in price, I urge you to consider the health and quality of the animal.  There are so called breeders who sell baby pigs as micro, mini, teacup, pocket, pixie pigs but they are really selling farm pigs.  Farm pigs are raised for meat and can grow as large as 1,000 lbs.  Make sure your breeder is experienced with miniature pigs and has a selective breeding program and health program in place.  It can be tempting to save a few dollars and purchase a cheap pig, but in the long run it's better to get the piglet you want and avoid a regrettable situation.

At MiniPigs4Sale, we have been breeding and raising micro mini and tuxedo teacup pigs for eleven years and are registered with the USDA.  Each piglet has a total price that includes; airfare, kennel, taxes, vaccinations, de-worming, micro chip, health certificate and one-year health guarantee.  There are no hidden fees!  You can decide if you want your male piglet neutered prior to shipping.  If you do, the surgery is $185.

All of the baby micro mini pigs that we offer have been potty trained to a litter box and are in-home socialized before shipping. Weekly progress reports, photos and videos are sent to the new owners. We harness train our piglets prior to shipping.  Each piglet has individual human contact each day; playing with people and other pets, cuddling, earning treats.  Our piglets are not fearful, but trusting and assured.

At MiniPigs4Sale, we strive to make your pet pig ownership experience worry free. We hope you will take a moment to view our piglets.

Micro Mini Piglets mature at approximately 25-40 pounds and 12-14" tall, hoof to shoulder. Miniature Pigs are Perfect House Pets;  very social, easily trained and have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child.