Health Guarantee for Micro, Mini, Teacup Pigs

Each Piglet is Covered by Our Guarantee

Death and Grieving Your Pig Companion

Health Guarantee - Micro Mini Teacup Pigs
One Year Health Guarantee for
Micro Mini and Teacup Pigs 
Regarding Death Due to Congenital Causes

MiniPigs4Sale provides all new owners a one year health guarantee from the piglet’s date of birth. If the piglet dies within the one year term, the purchaser will agree to have an autopsy completed (at the expense of the purchaser) by a licensed veterinarian and forward ALL results to MiniPigs4Sale’s veterinarian. If it is proved by the autopsy that the piglet died in relation to the history of breeding (congenital defect) from MiniPigs4Sale, the purchaser will be sent a replacement piglet from the next available litter. If the purchaser decides not to choose a piglet from the next available litter, the purchaser will therefore give up any rights to a replacement piglet, unless further arrangements have been made with MiniPigs4Sale. NO refund of money will be returned to the buyer for any reason.

All MiniPigs4Sale's piglets are guaranteed as pets only. No guarantee is given for show or breeding quality. For the health of your pet piglet, we recommend having male miniature piglets and teacup piglets neutered.

The purchaser agrees to the following conditions on purchase of piglet: provide proper care for the pig, including proper nutrition, vet care, exercise, and training. Purchaser also must agree that under NO circumstances will the pig ever be turned over to an animal shelter, or  pound. In the event that the purchaser can no longer provide for the pig, and cannot find it a proper home, the breeder must be notified immediately.

Purchaser also agrees that they are purchasing the pet piglet for their own personal use and enjoyment and are not purchasing it to be resold. 

The buyer's satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and customer satisfaction and welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Barbara Dunham
Panama City, FL

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