Micro Mini Pig Breeder 
Code of Ethics
1.We follow all USDA guidelines for vaccinations, cleanliness, shelter and feeding.
2.We meet all entry requirements of each individual state; extra blood tests, official identification, permits, etc.
3.We are honest about the height, length and weight of our pigs. 
4.We have been breeding and selling micro mini pigs over 12 years and provide lifetime support for our buyers. 
5.We NEVER FEED RAW GARBAGE to our pigs.
6.We DO NOT inbreed our pigs.
7.We DO NOT starve our piglets.
8.We vaccinate, de-worm (which includes no mites) and microchip each piglet before they go to their new homes.
9.We breed for health, size, and temperament. 
10.We breed once a year for piglets to arrive September through February.
11.We provide all our pigs with adequate housing, stalls, with clean and comfortable living conditions that are compatible with fluctuating weather conditions.
12.We handle our piglets each day and strongly believe in early socialization.
13.Our piglets are all vet checked, and receive a USDA approved health certificate.
14.We will educate our buyers to the best of our ability on owning, training, and caring for their new piglet, see our Piglet Care Guide.
15.If for any reason you may no longer be able to care for or keep your piglet, we will always take the piglet back (please refer to RETURNS for further information on these policies) We do require that none of our piglets are re-sold as a breeder, given to a rescue, sanctuary, medical research, for food or any other like facility. We require they be re-homed or sent back to us at the owner’s expense.

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