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Are there any real mini pigs for sale?

Yes, just like miniature dogs, horses, sheep, cows and goats. Mini pigs, such as micro mini's and tuxedo teacup's have been selectively bred over time for qualities such as small stature, health, color, and conformation with the results being a miniature pig that is small and mild tempered.

Where to buy mini pigs?

At MiniPigs4Sale, we raise the two smallest breeds of miniature pigsMicro Mini's and Tuxedo Teacup's. Our pigs come with a one year health guarantee, vaccinations, and health certificate.

What makes MiniPigs4Sale unique?

We are one of the very few breeders of micro mini pigs and tuxedo teacup pigs that take the extra time to potty train and in-home socialize our piglets. We want our pigs to find excellent homes and make sure they are well mannered and have great dispositions.

What do mini pigs cost?

We have strived to keep our prices reasonable and deliver quality piglets and outstanding service.
Micro Mini Piglets - $695 - $895
Tuxedo Teacup Piglets - $700 - $920
Price includes shipping anywhere within the U.S.

What do mini pigs eat?

They eat a special diet of Mini Pig Food (pellets), vegetables and some fruits.

What do micro pigs like to play with?

Busy ball, toys that rattle or squeek, baby toys & you!
Many owners consider their micro pigs an integral part of the family and involve them in all their activities. 

What makes micro, mini, teacup pigs great pets?

They are intelligent, easy to train, loving, curious, playful, clean, generally quiet, odor free, and usually non-allergenic. They have bristles, not hair or fur.  

Our next litters will be coming in the Fall through the Christmas Holidays. Get on the waiting list to be notified first when the new babies are born.  We will have micro mini pigs for sale August 23, 2014.

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Welcome to MiniPigs4Sale, Where Pigs Rule!

Thank you for your interest in our micro mini pigs and/or our tuxedo teacup pigs. Click on the Tuxedo Teacup Nursery or the Micro Mini Nursery Tabs in the menu to see our available piglets. If you find a pig that you would like to adopt, you may put a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit down or pay in full. We accept credit card payments through paypal, postal money orders and personal checks. Your piglet will be ready to ship or pick up after your payment has cleared and he/she is ready for their new home.                             

We can ship just about anywhere in the US. We will schedule all flights and notify the new parents of the day and time of the arrival of their new piglet. All baby micro mini pigs and tuxedo teacup pigs will be shipped after being vet checked and each will come with a health certificate, have their first two wormings & vaccination, needle teeth cllipped, new airline approved kennel, and care guide), and requirements of all states will be met,(we do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.)

Micro Mini Piglets
We are here for our piglets and their new parents from the first contact throughout the piglets' lives for whatever is needed. So please look around our site and view our pictures and information about our mini pigs. We want everyone to experience the love and companionship that a mini pig or teacup pig can provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us any time by phone or email found on our contact page
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 Our Waiting List Members will be the first to know. Would you like to join this select group and be one of the first to choose your precious baby piglet from the August 23rd Litter? JOIN NOW
Shipping Requirements for Airlines and Individual States.
The Micro Mini's are Here!

Check the calendar for piglets' due dates through
the Fall & Holidays.