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When Your Pig is Home Alone

Why We Love Micro Mini Pigs at MiniPigs4Sale
What's Not to Love!
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Micro Mini and Teacup Pigs Make Amazing Pets!

1. Why do we love teacup pigs and micro mini pigs? They are extremely intelligent and super affectionate. They are very hardy animals and surprisingly clean! 

2. Pigs do not shed and cannot acquire fleas. Pigs do not have fur (they have bristles), therefore people are not allergic to them or their saliva. For people who could never before have a pet due to allergies, these pigs may just be the solution. 

3. They are very active and are very compatible with children as well as other pets. Our piglets easily get along with other animals because they are raised with cats, dogs and all types of farm animals. Being raised with other animals is the key to ensure they get along with your own cats, dogs, etc. A pig is an animal of prey, whereas; dogs and cats are predators. Both cats and”dogs will attack other species of animals, including their own, as a part of their natural instinct. Pigs, as prey animals, are non-aggressive by nature. Their first instinct is to retreat (run) rather than attack. Part of the reason they squeal when picked up and held in the air is because their ability to retreat or run has been taken away. However, the more you hold them, the more they trust and the squealing decreases.

4. With the proper time put forth and the adequate love given, your micro mini pig will become an amazing pet with endless possibilities!

Learn About Pig Health and Training

Do you know when a pig is sick? Need information on caring for your pig? You can also find out how easy it is to potty train a miniature pig in just 5 easy steps! We hope you will take a minute to look around our website and see micro mini pig photos and descriptions, mini pig prices and other helpful information about our amazing Mini Pigs for sale and Tuxedo Teacup Pigs for sale. 

You can be sure that we will always be here for our mini piglets and their new parents from the first contact throughout the life of the pig; call or email barbara@minipigs4sale.com anytime. We will offer our assistance with any questions that you may have when acclimating your new mini pig or teacup pig to his or her new home.  

We invite you to experience the love and companionship that only owning a Micro Mini pig or Teacup pig can bring to your life. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have; before, during and after buying one of our Miniature Pigs and we will be pleased to answer you promptly. USDA Registration # 00JZX79 Shipping available within the U.S.

Make a Root Box for Your Miniature Pig:

1. Build a box out of plywood for your pig to root around in since this is one of her natural instincts. Make the box about 4 inches deep and at least 2 feet by 2 feet in size. The box can be bigger if you have the space or you have a large pig who requires more room to root.

2. Fill the root box with hay or large, smooth river rocks. Rocks should be large enough to prevent your pig from accidentally swallowing them or choking on them. Damp hay will also keep the mess level down.

3. Hide food or treats like natural popcorn or Cheerios in the root box for your pig to find. Select low fat treats for the healthiest option.

If you don't want to build a root box, you can use a shallow kiddie pool instead. Make sure it's not too deep so the pig can get in easily.

Spending Time With Your Piglet
by Barbara Dunham

Keeping your piglet stimulated and entertained is important, as an idle piggie can develop negative behaviors. Pigs are social animals. In the absence of human or other pig contact, they like to play with toys. When you select toys for your pig, you should take into consideration what pigs like to do. There aren't a lot of pig toys on the market; but you can make some yourself.
Things You'll Need:
1. Select a Pet Pig Busy Ball to keep your mini pig occupied. Made from hard plastic, these balls are hollow and hold treats and pig chow. There's a hole in them just big enough for some food to spill out, providing hours of entertainment for piglets.

2. Buy baby toys for pet pigs. Simple baby toys made for children under the age of 18 months are appropriate for pigs because they don't have any parts that can be broken off and swallowed.

3. Make sure the baby toy you have chosen is too big for the pig to swallow
Home Alone

When you are not around to supervise your new baby, you should have a small kennel or playpen. In your pen you should have their bed, blanket, food and water dish and litter box. Do not leave your pet alone in your home until you are sure it understands and respects the house rules and is old enough to get to the litter box from one end of the house to the other.

Don't expect a new baby to be able to get to the litter box in time if it is way across the other end of the house. 

Baby pigs normally will go through an initial period of screaming when picked up, this is a normal response. We  work a great deal with handling our baby piglets many times during the day and give them individual attention so that they are used to being held by the time you receive your little one. We love our pigs and our piglets give their trust to us.

mini pig in rooting box
mini pigs playing soccer
training crate
Mini Pig in Rooting Box
Mini Pigs Playing Soccer
Crate to keep mini pig in when you are not home
What Do Mini Pigs Like To Do?
They love to PLAY! Give your piglet toys or they will find their own. Rubber or Tennis Balls, Squeeky Toys, Plush Toys all make great toys for mini pigs. Just be careful not to give them anything with small pieces that can be a choking hazard.  If it's ok for a baby person to have, then it's ok for a baby pig. 
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