Is My Pig Sick?

Symptoms of a Sick Micro Mini Teacup Potbelly Pig

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Is My Pig Sick? Micro Mini Teacup Pig Health Care
Micro Mini Pig Health Care  - When to call the vet?

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Vaccinations should include Erysipelas, Bordatella, and Pasturella on a yearly basis after an initial double dose at 6-10 weeks and 12-14 weeks. Tetanus should be given on a yearly basis. Leptospirosis 5 way and Parvovirus are recommended for breeding females. Be careful, reactions to lepto vaccinations are common. No rabies vaccine is approved for miniature pigs because of extremely low incidence of swine rabies in the United States of America. Cat and dog vaccinations are unacceptable. Lymes vaccine is not approved in miniature pigs. Remember, vaccinations are expensive and if they are doubtful in value, should be avoided, especially since occasional reactions do occur. 

Selecting a Veterinarian for Your Miniature Pig

One of the most important decisions you will make in the health of your pig is which veterinarian you will use. Most veterinarians are either farm animal or companion animal oriented. Companion animal veterinarians in general are unfamiliar with pig diseases, medicines, and physiology and are uncomfortable handling pigs that can be quite vocal and disrupt their practice environment. Farm animal veterinarians are more familiar with pigs but not in a companion form and may find it difficult to incorporate a pet animal mentality into their thing. Also, farm vets are no longer available in many areas, so choosing a vet becomes a serious dilemma. Some recommendations may help. First, make sure the practitioner is willing to learn, has a personable manner, and is willing to say, "I don’t know." Ask about their experience with micro mini pigs or teacup pigs. Talk with other pig owners who use that veterinarian and listen to their opinions and experiences. Find out about vaccinations uses and routine care practiced by the veterinarian. Here are some guidelines.

 When to Call a Vet 
Knowing when to call a vet is very important. Time can sometimes be critical. A general rule is when in doubt, call. But here are some things to look for: 

· Persistent vomiting for more than 24 hours (especially if yellow)

· Unwilling to eat for more than 24 hours

· A high temp of more than 103 degrees

· Diarrhea for more than 24 hours

· Constipation for more than 48 hours

· Lying down for more than 8 hours

· Unwilling to rise· Painful abdomen

· Persistent bleeding· Blood in stool

· Seen eating something potentially poisonous or obstructive

· Sudden behavioral changes

· Raised areas on skin

· Rapid breathing·/ Panting

Actually, pigs do not require much food. When you first get your micro mini pig, if it is a baby, you only need to give it 1/4 cup of pig chow in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. In between that you can give them fruits and vegetables while you are working with them or training them.  Never feed your micro mini pig or teacup pig avocado or chocolate. These are toxic to pigs. Pigs also have salt toxicity issues. Never feed your pig salted items such as potato chips or salted popcorn. Air popped corn is fine as an occasional treat. Fruits should always be given in moderation because of the natural sugars. We give ours watermelon with just a bit of fruit left on the rind. They love this. This is just a guideline. If your pig is less active and has a slower metabolism you'll need to feed less. If your pig is more active and has a faster metabolism you'll need to feed more. You'll also increase the food intake as they mature. Follow the directions on the back of your feed.
Being as smart as they are they can learn to open lower kitchen cabinets if there is food in there. Always ensure that you either keep food and poisons above the pigs reach or you put child locks on your doors. A pig will learn to open your cupboard doors and help themselves if there is food there. Also, be aware of special needs of your micro mini pig or teacup pig in the winter months.

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