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Are there any real miniature pigs?

The answer is yes there are. Just like the selective breeding process that produces miniature dogs, horses, & goats, miniature pigs are also created. Small stature, good health and mild deposition are the traits that we breed for. 

Where to buy mini pigs?

At MiniPigs4Sale, we raise the two smallest breeds of miniature pigs; Micro Mini's and Toy Teacup's. Our piglets come with a health guarantee, welcome/ starter pack, are potty trained and in-home socialized. SHIPPING IS FREE!

What do toy teacup pigs cost?

Micro MIni Piglets - $750-$865
Toy Teacup Piglets - $700-$920

What do miniature pigs eat?

They eat a special diet of Mini Pig Food (pellets), vegetables and some fruits.

What do micro pigs like to play with?

Busy ball, toys that rattle or squeek, baby toys & you!
Many owners consider their micro pigs an integral part of the family and involve them in all their activities.Many owners consider their micro pigs an integral part of the family and involve them in all their activities.

What makes micro, mini, teacup pigs great pets?

They are intelligent,easy to train, loving, curious, playful, clean, generally quiet, odor free, and usually non-allergenic.  


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With the purchase of your piglet, you will receive a "Welcome Piggy" package that includes a blanket, harness & leash, pack of starter food, instructional booklet and your piglet's birth certificate.

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Welcome to MiniPigs4Sale and thank you for your interest in our piglets. Click on the Nurseries Tab in the menu to see our available piglets. If you see a baby that you would like to adopt, you may put a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit down or pay in full. We accept credit card payments through paypal, postal money orders and personal checks. Your piglet will be ready to ship or picked up after your payment has cleared and he/she is ready for their new home. We can ship just about anywhere in the US. We will schedule all flights and notify the new parents of the day and time of the arrival of their new piglet. All babies will be shipped after being vet checked and will come with a health certificate, first two wormings, needle teeth cllipped, new airline approved kennel, starter kit (food, blanket, harness, leash. birth certificate & instructional material), and requirements of all states will be met, exception - Hawaii and Alaska.