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How to Buy a Genuine Micro Mini Pig

A NON-REFUNDABLE $200 deposit is required to reserve a micro mini piglet and is subtracted from the total price. We accept credit card payments through paypal, postal money orders and personal checks. The prices for piglets range from $400 - $600, depending on size, gender and color. We provide vaccinations, de-worming, tattoo or microchip, health certificate, kennel, training, etc. Neutering ($185) is optional & not included with the price of the piglet. There are no hidden fees. A complete listing of services provided is at Available Piglets. You may also pick up your piglet in person. Your piglet will be ready to ship or pick up after your payment has cleared and he/she is ready for their new home.  Piglets are shipped at least 6 weeks of age.   The remaining balance may be paid at any time up until 7 days before shipping.  

See Complete Sales Policy          

We can ship just about anywhere in the US. We will schedule all flights and notify the new parents of the day and time of the arrival of their new piglet. All tiny baby micro mini pigs will be shipped after being vet checked and each will come with a health certificate, have their first two wormings & vaccination, are micro chipped, needle teeth clipped, new airline approved kennel, piglet care guide, and requirements (permit/additional testing) of all states will be met. Shipping is via airline within the U.S. at $350. 

All of the baby micro mini pigs that we offer have started potty training, harness training and are in-home socialized before shipping. Each piglet comes with a one-year Health Guarantee!

At, we strive to make your pet pig ownership experience worry free. We hope you will take a moment to view our piglets..

Micro Mini Piglets mature at 25-40 pounds and 12-14" tall, hoof to shoulder. Tiny Miniature Pigs are Perfect House Pets;  very social, easily trained and have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child. 

More Reasons to Buy from MiniPigs4Sale

We make it possible to own a tiny micro mini piglet without breaking the bank - Best prices available in the U.S.
We are here for our piglets and their new parents from the first contact throughout the piglets' lives for whatever is needed. So please look around our site and view our pictures and information about our micro mini pigs. We want everyone to experience the love and companionship that a mini pig can provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us any time by phone or email found on our contact page

MiniPigs4Sale is a Trusted USDA Registered Breeder of Micro Mini Piglets 
Read Testimonials

1. We are one of the very few micro mini breeders that offer a one year health guarantee
2.    We are believers in early socialization of piglets which results in bright, intelligent piglets that are not fearful
3.    We take the extra time to potty train our piglets to use a litter pan
4.    We offer the best value: reasonable pricing for beautiful, healthy micro mini piglets
5.    We meet all requirements of the airlines and of each state, coast to coast.

Rest assured that when you reserve your piglet from us, we keep your baby clean, washing bedding weekly, bathing piglet weekly, changing litter every other day and just as important, we interact with each piglet several times a day. Areas are disinfected after every birth and periodically during the time prior to pick up or shipping.  

Your piglet's health is foremost to us - we will not sell a sick pig!  Breeding pigs and baby pigs are fed a diet specially formulated with their health in mind.

Our pigs are NEVER fed garbage or starved, receive vaccinations and vet care to promote health and prevent diseases, are de-wormed for parasite (both inside and out) every 3 months and considered to be our PETS.

Our goal to is to provide you with a healthy, well adjusted micro mini piglet that has been potty trained to use a litter box, is comfortable around people and other pets and is an excellent indoor pet.

We hope you will consider reserving one of our beautiful piglets and please take advantage of my FREE Piglet Care Guide.

Thank you,
Barbara Dunham, Breeder & Trainer

​ We provide the following when shipping your piglet:

*  a crate that meets airline standards (great for potty training after they arrive)

*  rubber foam pad, absorbent towel & bedding to make their trip clean and comfortable

*  a 60-mile round trip for us to deliver your pig to the airport

*  a USDA Health Certificate with shot record for airline travel

*  transportation in heated or A/C vans to and from the planes

*  the airline ticket for your baby piglet's flight

*  a confirmation number and specific information for tracking your piglets flight progress & for pick- up at your airport

*  a phone call, text or e-mail when we drop off your new baby piglet

*  support for you and your family as you begin your new adventure

*  a one-year health guarantee that your piglet is free of  hereditary conditions/diseases

**Temperature and weather can cause re-scheduling of flights.
Payment Policy:

Piglet must be payed off 7 days prior to shipping or at time of pick up.

Micro Miniature Teacup Pigs for Sale in Florida.
We Ship Micro Mini Teacup Pet Pigs to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. We are sorry but we do not currently ship to Hawaii due to the extensive travel time required and the additional stress a piglet would incounter on such a long journey.
We meet all shipping requirements for airlines and each individual state. We are always concerned about our tiny piglets' comfort and safety when traveling. One of the benefits of socializing piglets is that the journey to their new home is much less stressful. Since they are familiar with people already, they are more relaxed and people and the noises that they experience at airports do not make them especially nervous.

MiniPigs4Sale is located in the panhandle area near Panama City, Florida.

Just wanted you to know:

​​I recently was informed by a potential buyer that he was told by a "breeder" that ALL micro mini sows underwent a C section for the births of litters. He was testing me to find out if my piglets were really micro mini's and when I answered him that none of my sows have needed a C section, he was adamant that they could not be micro mini pigs.  

Of course, he is misguided in accepting that ridiculous concept. A healthy sow should only give birth through a C section when she is in trouble and can not naturally give birth. A breeder who says otherwise is hoping to prey on the buyer's gullability, in plain speak, that breeder is lying! By making the buyer think that the sow requires elaborate medical assistance with every litter produced, they are able to increase the price for a piglet to outrageous amounts. My advice is buy from a reputable breeder who has been in business for several years, and if something they say just doesn't make sense, think twice about buying your piglet from them.
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Upcoming Litter Schedule:
October 28, 2016 (1 Litter)
November 6, 2016 (2 Litters)
November 30, 2016 (1 Litter)
January 20.2017 (1 Litter)

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We are Awaiting Our Next Litter of Piglets Arrival. They are due by October 28th!